“Innovative Hydrometallurgical processes to recover Metals from WEEE including lamps and batteries: Demonstration” (co-financed by European Commission FP7 programme)

This project includes Eco Recycling and the HTR center (High Tech Recycling, Department of Chemistry of the “La Sapienza” University of Rome) involved in the continuation of the activities already co-financed by the EU with the HydroWEEE project (Call ID “FP7-SME-2008- 1). This project began in October 2012 and ended in March 2017. The processes previously developed for the recovery of base and precious metals from WEEE have been further optimized to increase the purity yield of the recovered metals (cathode ray tubes, lamps, printed circuits, LCDs, batteries).

The main objective of the HydroWEEEDEMO project was to build two demonstration plants in an industrial scale: a fixed one installed at Relight srl in Rho (MI) and one mobile. The project aimed at testing the processes already developed, verify their performance and demonstrating feasibility from an integrated (technical, economic, operational, social) point of view, also taking into account the risk assessment (including health) and the benefits for society and the environment, favoring then a wide diffusion on the market.

The demonstration objectives were successfully achieved when the fixed plant worked continuously for at least 18 months; in the same way, the mobile plant has been transported through at least 5 locations in at least 3 countries in Europe (Italy, Romania, Serbia).



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