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Innovation experts:
recovering value from waste and complex matrices

Eco Recycling is a company (President Prof. Luigi Toro, CEO Emanuela Moscardini) that was founded in 2008 from the collaboration of university researchers, “La Sapienza” University and two SMEs operating in the field of environmental technologies and the IT sector.

It is expert in the development and implementation of innovative processes and plants for the recovery of value elements from secondary raw materials from WEEE, waste, residues and complex minerals and decontamination of complex matrices.


Eco Recycling has an industrial experimental platform on which are located the prototype and demonstration units dedicated to the treatment of different types of WEEE, waste, residues and complex minerals. Furthermore, in this platform the company has several laboratory-scale equipment that it uses to optimize innovative technologies.

The company owns several patents mainly relating to the treatment of batteries and photovoltaic panels that have reached the end of their life. The core team is made up of engineers, industrial chemists and technicians with solid experience in the R&D sector, in the design and construction of plants.


Phone - Place of business and offices

+39 06.96039819

Phone - Plants headquarters

+39 0761.777361

Mobile phone

+39 3601035655






Registered office

Via Giuseppe Tomassetti 5, 00161 Roma

Place of business and offices

Viale Palmiro Togliatti 1639, 00155 Roma

Plants headquarters

Via Michael Faraday snc, 01033 Civita Castellana (VT)

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