Valorization of solid mineral residues


The company has know-how in the sector of decontamination (synthesis of innovative molecules for the removal of Cr, Ni, Se, Cd and As), the valorisation of mining residues (e.g. production of ammonium sulphate) and recovery through chemical treatments of materials with high added value (e.g. REE).

The great experience acquired over the years has made Eco Recycling an expert company in the treatment of the following types of complex minerals, solid mining residues and mining-metallurgical by-products:

  • Phosphate minerals
  • Phosphogypsum.

In particular, regarding this sector, Eco Recycling has implemented the following European project and orders:

Internazionali project


  • Office chérifien des phosphates (OCP)
  • Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique (UM6P)

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