Valorisation of other WEEEs at the end of their life


The company has extensive know-how in the field of recycling WEEE at the end of its life through the implementation of both mechanical pre-treatments and hydrometallurgical treatments aimed at recovering material with high added value (rare earths, Au and Ag).

The great experience acquired over the years has made Eco Recycling a leading company in the treatment of the following types of WEEE:

  • PCBs;
  • CRTs;
  • LCDs;
  • Fluorescent lamps.

In particular, regarding this sector, Eco Recycling has implemented the following international and national projects:

International project

National project

  • NANOHYDRO: “Production of metallic nanostructures starting from lye coming from the hydrometallurgical treatment of WEEE and spent batteries”.

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